Bandy Arena Lighting: Improving the Experience On and Off the Court

Slättbergshallen, an indoor sports venue for ice sports in Trollhättan, decided to modernise the lighting solution of the arena. Today, the Swedish bandy arena is illuminated with energy-efficient LED luminaires that save more than 70 % in energy costs compared to the previous lighting.

Read how Slättbergshallen improved the experience on and off the court by investing in higher light levels, improved light quality and adjustable lighting control.

The starting point: customer’s challenges and objectives

Slättbergshallen was first opened in 2009, and the lighting technology of the arena dated back to those days. The entire hall was illuminated with energy-intensive T5 fluorescent tubes that were consuming more than 250 000 kWh of energy yearly. Moreover, the lighting had no dimming option and the lighting levels were not high enough to meet the standards required for elite-level bandy. Due to frequent luminaire replacements, the customer was also suffering from high lighting maintenance costs.

With the new LED lighting solution, Slättbergshallen was aiming to:

  • Reach the lighting standards of elite-level bandy
  • Achieve energy savings of more than 70 %
  • Minimise lighting maintenance needs
  • Adjust and tune the lighting for different situations
  • Improve the overall experience on and off the court

Adjustable lighting to stage events

With the new lighting solution, Greenled provided Slättbergshallen with higher light levels, improved light quality and adjustable lighting technology.

The fluorescent tubes of the arena were replaced with Greenled’s energy-efficient Sigma and ECO S luminaires. With the new LED luminaires, the lighting levels of the arena rose from 700 to 1000 lux to meet the elite sports lighting standards.

In addition to raising the light levels, the light quality was improved. With a better colour-rendering index (RA value of > 80), the new lighting assures a more enjoyable experience both for the players and the spectators.

For Slättbergshallen, the new lighting solution brings freedom and adjustability. The previous lighting had only the on/off option and there was no opportunity to dim the lights. If the lights needed to be dimmed, the staff had to turn off part of the luminaires, which resulted in uneven light levels.

The new luminaires of the arena are programmed with the Digidim lighting control. Slättbergshallen’s staff can choose from four pre-programmed light levels to suit different situations and events. Moreover, two different special effects allow the game organisers to stage exciting light shows at the beginning of the games.

Quick and efficient installation

The lighting was delivered as a turnkey solution by Greenled, including the assessment, design, installation and commissioning of the lighting solution. For Slättbergshallen, it was very important that the installation would run smooth and efficient. The schedule was tight since the ice had to be in place before the installation work could start. In the end, there was only a two-week slot between the icing and the kick-off of the bandy season.

Slättbergshallen was very pleased with Greenled’s ability to deliver the solution quickly and efficiently in the required time-frame. With Greenled’s efficient work, the new lighting solution was installed by the time the new bandy season started and the players got to enjoy the games in a new light.

“Working with Greenled was smooth and efficient. Now after over 3 months of use, we can state that the installation has fulfilled ALL of our hopes with a much more effective and comfortable arena lighting, a more cost-efficient operation, and a system that is extremely easy to use as part of our daily operations.”

Patric Engström, Facility Manager, Slättbergshallen

Enjoyable experience on and off the court

High-quality sports lighting is important both for the players and the spectators. The new LED lighting at Slättbergshallen has gotten great feedback from both stakeholders.

The overall experience watching and playing bandy has significantly improved with the new lighting solution. On top of improving the experience on and off the court, the new LED lighting solution saves maintenance costs and more than 70 % in the energy costs of the lighting.


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