Lighting control systems

When choosing a lighting control system, it is essential to understand the illuminated area, its features as well as people’s activities in the area. The Greenled product range includes control methods for small and large needs, always using reliable and high-quality technologies.

Small premises: smart luminaires

In small areas, lighting is controlled by smart LED luminaires, each of which functions as an independent unit. The luminaires automatically adjust the light output based on the presence of people and the amount daylight. A limited number of luminaires can also be controlled as a group by means of sensors.

  • An affordable solution for a small number of luminaires (1-100)
  • Easy to implement, no need for programming
  • Daylight harvesting and presence detection save energy and add comfort

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Medium size properties: router solutions

A DALI based router solution is used to create luminaire groups that follow specific control. In the router solution, each luminaire has an address; therefore, they can be controlled as single units or programmed to function as a group.

  • Flexible lighting control for medium-sized premises (100-250 luminaires)
  • Lighting group control and individual luminaire control
  • Automated lighting control that is programmed in the commissioning
  • Easily expandable

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Large premises: lighting management systems

A lighting management system can be used to control individual luminaires, groups of luminaires, or the lighting of several properties from one user interface. A system enabling remote control and comprehensive reporting brings both flexibility and significant additional savings to lighting management.

  • Smart lighting control for large premises (over 250 luminaires)
  • Remote control of multiple properties from one interface
  • Easy to use visual lighting management
  • Comprehensive reports on the lighting operability and energy savings
  • Integration interface for building automation

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Outdoors: smart street lighting

In street luminaires, a night dimming profile is programmed for the driver, which automatically changes the amount of light according to the pre-defined profile. Street luminaires can have Smart City connectors in them, connecting to equipment that make any luminaire function as an independent unit. In this case, an individual luminaire can respond, for example, to an approaching pedestrian.

  • The dimming profile of luminaire groups saves energy and automates street lighting
  • Intelligent, luminaire-based control optimises the light levels and improves safety

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