Office lighting creates a productive work environment

During business days, an office employee spends clearly over half of waking hours at the workplace – the office. Productivity depends on several factors of which functional working environment is among the most important ones. All offices are not similar, and tasks vary a lot. Lighting level and quality must comply with the requirements set by the task at hand. We sit at our desks or in conference rooms, or hold flash meetings in the staffroom. Conditions at our own workstations can be adjusted according to user, but illuminating the meeting rooms with conventional lighting solutions may not be that simple. A well-designed and executed lighting maintains productivity and considers different work situations. One might spend hours in a meeting room without windows. Why wouldn’t the lighting of such room imitate daylight? Presence sensor switches the light off when the room empties, and control system enables optimising energy consumption. Our solutions help improve working comfort and productivity, and provide cosy user experience.

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