On weekdays, an office worker spends more than half of their awake time at work. Good work efficiency consists of several factors, one of the most important being a functional and comfortable working environment. Even the smallest lighting-related issues can affect work: too much or not enough light, uneven light, a spotlight from the wrong direction, or a distracting reflection on a computer screen.

Good office lighting is more than just functional general lighting. Office lighting can support different work situations, and lighting can be controlled on room-level, on individual workstations or even on a personal level. At best, well-designed office lighting supports work efficiency in addition to considering various working situations and lighting needs.


Cosy. Lighting helps to create a cosy environment. Work is best when everyone can adjust the lighting of their own workstation. Every one of us is a unique individual with different lighting needs. For example, older eyes may need extra light for precision work.

Increasing work efficiency. Lighting that increases efficiency is not automatically the same thing as high light intensity. Efficiency means the right amount of light, the right type of light in the right direction. Efficient lighting does not dazzle or disturb but helps to concentrate on work.

Invigorating. The brightness and colour temperature of the lighting can be programmed to match and strengthen people’s natural circadian rhythm. In this way, lighting can even affect hormonal functions and thereby people’s alertness and efficiency at work.

Adjustable. Adjusting the lighting of the meeting room and your work station will affect the atmosphere and work efficiency. Customer meetings can begin by adjusting the lighting to suit everyone – what could be a better start to successful negotiations?

Daylight-harvesting. When it is light outside, the daylight sensor takes it into consideration and adjusts the quantity and quality of light inside. The lighting in a windowless room can also imitate daylight.

Smart. Presence detection turns the lighting on when an employee arrives, and turns it off when the workstation is not used. Lighting that can be automatically turned on and off makes the environment more comfortable, safe and translates to energy savings.


The quality and quantity of office lighting significantly affect employee alertness, efficiency and well-being. With the help of Greenled’s experts, you can find the most suitable lighting solution for your office, with a reliable and secure delivery.

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