The importance of lighting is emphasised in all commerce. Well-designed retail lighting eliminates sales barriers and, above all, tempts to buy. Selling products is easier when the customer sees them in the right light.

Lighting that helps to sell. When the products look good, and the texts on the labels are easy to read, buying is also easier. High-quality retail lighting renders the colours well and makes the products look attractive.

Right optics. In the store, light is needed more on the shelves than in the aisles. In design, therefore, special attention is paid to the illumination of vertical surfaces. With the right selection of optics, the lighting performance of vertical surfaces is significantly improved.

Energy efficient implementation. Efficient LED store luminaires combined with smart lighting control produce up to 70-85% energy savings compared to traditional lighting.

intelligence increases commerciality

Successful retail lighting starts from the outside. Well-lit storerooms are nice to enter, the entrance is attractive and contrasts to the daylight is in an appropriate proportion.

Inside the store, smart lighting can also guide purchase decisions. For example, logarithmic control may be used for the lighting, whereby when the customer enters the shelf space or the sales area, the light levels will increase. This way the products will stand out, and the customer’s experience will be improved.

Lighting can also control purchasing behaviour. Lighting level, optics, and smart control affect where customers want to move next and what products they should be focusing on.

More savings with lighting control

There is movement on retail premises almost 24/7. However, the activities vary, and the whole area should not be illuminated with full capacity at all times.

The lighting levels are often optimised by using daylight harvesting, motion detection, and time scheduling. In the store, light levels can be adjusted automatically depending on whether the store is open or whether for instance restocking or cleaning is in progress. In other parts of the property, care is taken to ensure that lighting is switched on only when needed.

Smart lighting provides important information to the property manager. It can provide an overview of the occupancy rate of the premises and indicate any lighting maintenance needs. The smart system can also be integrated into building automation and it helps to manage the lighting of a number of stores remotely.

Long-term and worry-free retail lighting

Greenled offers efficient lighting solutions that contribute to sales in any retail premises, from grocery stores to specialty stores. Our convenient turnkey concept guarantees a high-quality lighting solution from design all the way to installation and maintenance.

Attract customers into your store, highlight products, encourage purchasing, create an atmosphere. Smart LED lighting is flexible and adapts to the needs of the store.

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