Using lighting to create a more customer-friendly and attractive supermarket

Supermarkets are increasingly investing in enhancing the customer experience. They want to make their retail space more cosy and attractive and better lit. SOK has recently carried out several large-scale lighting projects at Prisma and S-market supermarkets across Finland. Greenled has quickly become a trusted provider of lighting solutions for the S Group.

According to lighting expert Tuomas Mauno, the previous cooperation is an advantage when planning the lighting of the S Group’s new locations. “We have worked on a number of projects for SOK, which has enabled us to develop deeper insight into SOK’s lighting solution concept and requirements. It is essential to take all of the customer’s wishes into consideration in the planning and design stage,” Mauno says.

S-market Loviisa’s old T8 fluorescent lamps were replaced by new LED luminaires. The outdoor lighting was also replaced. With 67% energy savings, the eco-friendly solution delivers nearly EUR 17,000 in annual cost savings, taking the reduced maintenance costs into account. The supermarket’s lighting-related CO2 emissions were reduced by 42 tonnes per year.


energy savings

Reduction in annual CO2 emissions: 42 tonnes

Products used in location

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