Growing interest in different types of exercise is a positive thing. The more we move in diverse ways, the healthier we stay. Exercising takes place indoors and outdoors, in groups and alone. Regardless of the sport, well-designed sports lighting is an important part of the experience.

Greenled’s wide product range has the best long-term lighting solutions for illuminating various sports facilities, such as floorball, tennis, squash, soccer, ice hockey, basketball and volleyball fields and courts.

High-quality sports lighting is even and glare-free

Even light levels help you see. In sports facilities, the requirement of even light is perhaps more important than on any other site. Even light helps to see the movements of the sports equipment as well as the boundaries of the game areas accurately and brightly, without any reflections. In fast-paced table tennis, you might even need to observe the opponent’s facial expressions, to be able to predict where the next served ball will land.

Glare-free lighting creates safety. Light has to be even as well as glare-free, because game situations must be observed clearly. At worst, glaring light sources can cause accidents, for example when a fast ball approaches a player from the direction of the glare. One basic method for glare-free lighting is to provide light from a large enough surface area. The optics solutions in luminaires also affect glare.

The lighting needs of indoor and outdoor sports facilities are different. Nevertheless, the goal is the same: a sufficient amount of even and glare-free light whenever the facilities are in use.

Suitable sports lighting

The faster the game, the more light is needed. 400 lux may well be enough for a school gym, but at a competitive level, the light requirement may well be over 1000 lux, depending on the sport. Match telecasts make further demands on the amount of lux.

Light quality is an important element for TV productions. With quality lighting, there are no discolourations on match broadcasts, and cameras need not be readjusted even in special circumstances. With an optimised lighting solution, quality image material can be enjoyed by the TV audience as well as the match spectators on site.

Energy efficiency and flexibility with lighting control

Smart lighting control results in many benefits for sports fields and exercise facilities. With lighting control, lighting can be flexibly adjusted to suit different sports and events. It can also be used to create different effects or light shows

Smart solutions facilitate lighting maintenance, as lighting can be controlled automatically, for example by using motion sensors or scheduling instead of manual operation. This benefits not only the athletes, but the manager of the sports facility, as lighting is only switched on when needed, which also extends the life cycle of the luminaires. Decreased power consumption achieved through lighting control also reduces the electrical load, which extends the life span of the equipment even more.

For property managers, a smart lighting management system gives a useful overview of the usage and energy consumption of the premises. Among other things, this system shows the actual energy consumption of lighting, and the actual usage rate of the premises.

Improve the experience on and off the court

Well-designed sports lighting will enhance the experience both on the field and in the stands. Greenled will provide you with high-quality lighting solutions as a turnkey service, saving your time and resources.

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