Greenled’s LED lighting solution has brought remarkable cost savings

Property and Hall Manager Martin Herrlin explains that Malmömässan got new LED luminaires mostly for environmental reasons and energy conservation. Thanks to the new lighting system, Malmömässan has achieved energy savings of up to 50-60 percent.

Martin Herrlin is responsible for taking care of the technological systems at Malmömässan. He makes sure that everything works as expected during exhibitions and conferences, and a well-functioning lighting system is one of the most crucial factors.

– We got a new LED lighting solution from Greenled first and foremost for environmental reasons and energy conservation. There are altogether roughly 400 LED luminaires in the hall, and the difference is remarkable. We have achieved energy savings of up to 50-60 percent, which is very good, Herrlin praises.

Herrlin says that Malmömässan’s needs were met very well.

– Greenled provided us with ideas and solutions for organizing and adjusting the lighting in the hall, which no other supplier did.

Malmömässan is satisfied with Greenled’s flexibility and smooth installation process

Herrlin is very satisfied with the flexibility of Greenled’s system.

– The system’s flexibility makes a great difference when it comes to working, because we have to adjust the space and the lighting often and in different ways, Herrlin states.

The installation process went very well.

– Installing went excellently. The installers worked very smoothly and took care of their tasks, and the work was completed even faster than promised!

“I’m impressed by how easy the system is to use”

Johan Larsson, IT-Coordinator at Malmömässan, thinks that monitoring Greenled’s lighting system is very easy.

– You can either use ordinary light switches, or you can alternatively use digital devices such as smartphones, iPads, or simply an ordinary computer, Larsson explains.

– It’s very practical to be able to stand in the big hall and to see in practice, what you are doing, only by standing there and holding a device in your hand. You can monitor the lighting and the brightness, and choose which parts of the hall are lit. Now that the installation is completed, I can say that I’m impressed by how easy the system is to use, he sums up.



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