Porin Karhuhalli is a multi-purpose sports hall in Finland, completed in the early 1990s. In addition to football and track and field, almost any sport is possible there: Finnish baseball, golf, American football and, of course, weight training. But in what kind of light?

Even light grows old

The old lighting solutions realised with multimetal lamps had reached the end of their life cycle. The electricity bills became higher, and the lighting of the fields was uneven. Work was begun to specify a new solutions that would be sustainable, economic and provide an opportunity to adjust the lighting to meet diverse needs: there was to be different types of lighting for games, practices and field maintenance.

LED luminaires and intelligent lighting control

Greenled’s proposal for a new lighting system was convincing. It would immediately provide annually savings in excess of EUR 35,000. Choosing the supplier was easy.


Energy savings

Even light also for the corners and sides of the field

Products used in location

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