Smart lighting

Smart lighting provides the right amount of light in the right place at the right time. Smart lighting saves resources, extends the lifecycle of the luminaires and helps to maximise energy savings.

Smart lighting supports activities and work tasks

Lighting is present in all indoor premises as well as on roads and facades. However, not all rooms are used all the time, so there is no need to keep full lights on continuously. Smart lighting often addresses this issue in particular: it turns on, brightens, dims and turns off automatically.

Lighting can be programmed to support human activity and work tasks. It can be on full capacity when production is in full swing, and it can be dimmed during breaks. It can light up as dusk falls, and it can brighten when a pedestrian approaches. Or it can support the energy level of an office worker by changing as the workday progresses.

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Smart solutions for any premises

Smart lighting solutions are always based on the area or premises that require lighting. Different premises have different objectives; such as comfort, safety, commercialism or productivity. That is why there is a wide variety of smart lighting solutions.

Smart lighting solutions also connect to other facility systems. Because there is lighting in all premises we use, it is an important source of information. For example, smart lighting can reveal if a property is empty, or it can deliver information about traffic volumes.

Essential for implementation of smart lighting is to understand the area to be illuminated; its characteristics and human activity in the premises. The choice of the control method is also affected by size of the property, the amount of lighting points and the compatibility of other systems.

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