Every year, accidents occur in circumstances that the officials have defined as dim or dark. Street lighting can help prevent traffic accidents and plays a decisive role in the behaviour and performance of drivers and other road users.

Lighting can also improve road safety in places that are somehow exceptional – such as high connection density, foggy road segments or complicated traffic arrangements. High-quality lighting improves the service level and smoothness of traffic and reduces glare caused by vehicles.

What does good street lighting take into account?

The right light levels. Determining the need for street lighting takes into account how much and what type of traffic is on the street. Municipalities and cities define a lighting class for the street that tells how much light is needed and how even the light should be. The higher the class, the more requirements for lighting.

The unique features of the street. The streets differ, for example, in terms of street width, pole distance and pole height. In order to provide high-quality lighting for each street, the lighting is tailored to the appropriate extent. Usually, customisation addresses the light output of the luminaires, optics, or both.

The external factors. In outdoor lighting, the importance of durability of the luminaires is higher than anywhere else, since the luminaires are always exposed to extreme natural conditions and possible vandalism. High-quality street luminaires have a high IP and IK grade, well-executed heat management and durable and tested materials. A long warranty period helps the buyer feel more at ease.

The future needs. Cities are developing fast, and there is more and more talk of a Smart City. This is also reflected in street luminaires that are developed as Smart City Compatible. Street luminaires are introduced with smartness that contributes to energy efficiency and helps to share information with other systems.

Street lighting control brings about energy efficiency

In street lighting, energy savings arise from the replacement of traditional light sources for LED technology and the optimisation of light levels. In addition to energy savings, lighting control increases the lifetime of the LEDs.

Street luminaires can be controlled as a group or by individual luminaires. A night dimming profile is programmed for the driver, which changes the amount of light according to the pre-defined profile. Street luminaires can have Smart City connectors in them, connecting to equipment that make a single luminaire function as an independent unit. In this case, a single luminaire can respond, for example, to an approaching pedestrian.

High quality street lighting – glare-free lighting in different environments

Reduce street lighting maintenance costs, save energy, and improve safety. Greenled’s street luminaires manufactured in Finland are long life cycle products designed to last for years. The timeless Scandinavian design of the luminaires is ideal for many different operating environments.

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