Updated 26 May 2019

Greenled is a Finnish supplier of comprehensive lighting solutions for businesses and the private sector. We help our customers boost their business by providing sustainable lighting solutions. Sustainability and environmental thinking guide our daily activities and choices, and they form a basis for our company’s values, mission and vision. We aim to make the world a better place one luminary at a time – together with our customers and partners.

Greenled’s ethical code of conduct

We want our business to operate in an ethical and responsible manner, and we expect the same from our partners. For us your trust is important and we aim to act responsibly towards our customers, employees, partners and other stakeholders.

The customer always comes first; we find the solution that most benefits our customer so that they can honestly say they are satisfied with our work and services. We are committed to comply with quality and environmental policies as well as current legislative requirements, and we aim to always do better.

Values that guide our business: Customer-orientation, Responsibility, Expertise.

The ethical code of conduct determines the mutual values and principles that all company employees, managers and partners must comply with.

1.Honesty in business

Greenled operates in compliance with the laws and regulations in force as well as its current and valid contracts.

We conduct our business openly, following the principles of fair competition. We do not allow unethical modes of operation. We respect contracts and agreements that we have entered.

Our business model is based on the needs and expectations of our customers, this means our business is consistently improving. Our customers have the chance to give us feedback on our conduct with i.e. customer surveys.

We comply with the contracts we have entered with our suppliers and partners, and we treat them fairly. We respect our competitors weather we win or lose a project.

Decisions are made based on Greenled’s values. No one within the company is allowed to gain personally at the expense of the company or its competitive position.

Greenled employees and employers do not give or receive gifts, trips, hosting or other services that exceed normal hospitality or that could directly or indirectly affect the acts or the decisions of the person who has received the aforementioned gifts. Greenled’s hospitality is always moderate.

2.Quality and environmental policy

Responsibility is one of Greenled’s most important values and it is an essential part of every decision we make. Responsibility is clearly visible in everything we do. When designing a new product, we choose materials based on their environmental value; we favour recyclable materials. Our products are manufactured with a maximum life span and low energy consumption in mind. Well-planned production and reasonable logistics have a significantly smaller carbon footprint than traditional manufacturing methods. By aspiring for sustainability, we want to leave the future generations with the same, or even, a better environment. Our sustainability is supported by our membership in GBC Finland, whose goal is to promote sustainable development and environmentally friendly construction.

We take responsibility for the environment. All of our activities are certified with the quality certificate ISO 9001 and the environmental certificate ISO 140001 – from production to design and installation. Combined, these two certifications guarantee that we are able to deliver a high-quality, efficient product for your needs.

We consider product safety, environmental issues and Finnish values in production, design and installation. By carefully choosing our raw materials, we can make sure that our products are safe for humans and the environment, and that our manufacturing process is as efficient as possible.

We believe in Finnish work. Greenled’s LED luminaries are long life span products that help various industries save energy and become more environmentally friendly. Our luminaries are produced in Finland following the principles of sustainable development. By favouring domestic materials and services, we contribute to job stability in Finland. Most of our products are labelled with the Finnish key flag symbol, which is a label awarded to products or services produced in Finland.

We partner with logistics companies that promote sustainable development and environmentally friendly modes of work. One of the most important parts of our business is the installation of new lighting while the old system is removed, sorted and recycled appropriately. Greenled’s customer service and sales also emphasise ecological choices.

Our environmental goals: Greenled’s smart lighting solutions aim to decrease the environmental impact.

3.Health and safety

Greenled wants to guarantee safe and healthy working conditions for its workers. Responsibility from both the employee and the employer can help prevent accidents at work and other health hazards. We are constantly improving working conditions and promoting occupational health. At Greenled we appreciate a healthy work-life-balance.

Greenled and its partners must operate within the working environment in a way that every employee is able to work safely and does not encounter mental or physical violence or its threat in the working place. Employees always have the right to stop a task that they consider to be dangerous.

a.Privacy policy

We are compliant with the European General Data Protection regulation and other data protection legislation. We expect our partners to maintain a high level of security to guarantee personal privacy; we also expect compliance with valid data protection legislation.


We condemn child and forced labour in all its forms. Our partners are expected to acknowledge the principles of the UN declaration on human rights. We respect human rights and treat everyone equally and without discriminating based on race, nationality, ethnicity, age, religion, gender, sexual orientation, disability, political conviction or union activity. We don’t allow bullying or harassment in the work place in any form. It is everyone’s responsibility to work fairly and create a pleasant, inspiring atmosphere to work in.

In case we or one of our partners detects activity that goes against our ethical code of conduct or against the law, or in case that there is a strong suspicion thereof, immediately report it to a Greenled representative or human resources.