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People need darkness to be able to rest – and we equally need light in order to be alert. Schoolchildren and students spend a lot of their days indoors, making lighting even more important for their performance.

Great school lighting makes the learning environment comfortable for students and teachers alike. More importantly, high-quality lighting with sufficient light output helps to stay alert, and supports the precision and concentration required in school work.


Efficient. Bright light invigorates all schoolchildren and students who work indoors. The light levels are customised for the specific learning environments and work. For example, gyms with high ceilings require luminaires with more lumen output than low classrooms.

High-quality. As a starting point, school lighting has to be high-quality and efficient, not dazzling or disturbing. High-quality school lighting is achieved either through large non-glare surfaces or with luminaires specifically designed as glare-free.

Daylight-harvesting. When it is light outside, the daylight sensors on luminaires take it into consideration and adjust the quantity and quality of light inside. The lighting in a windowless room can also imitate daylight.

Adaptable. With smart lighting control, the brightness and colour temperature of the lighting can be adapted to match any learning situation. Do you need extreme precision, alertness and concentration? Or perhaps calming down, reflecting on things and encouraging conversation?

Automated. Presence sensors turn on the lighting when the staff arrives, and turn it off as classrooms empty. Lighting that can be automatically turned on, off, and dimmed makes the environment more comfortable and translates to energy savings.


Modern school lighting saves energy and makes lighting maintenance easy and effortless. However, its most important effects are visible elsewhere. International studies show that better school lighting improves, among other things, student alertness, oral reading fluency and test results.

Greenled’s lighting solutions that improve work efficiency take school lighting to a new level. Instead of a one-off purchase, you can get the lighting solution as a turnkey service with a monthly rental fee. Ask our experts for more information.

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