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Greenled’s sustainability strategy takes into account the environmental, social and governance dimensions. Our strategy is built around three main points that we are determined to take forward in our operations:

  • We provide environmentally friendly, long life cycle products and services
  • We create safety and well-being
  • We increase awareness and transparency in our operations

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Minimising the life cycle carbon footprint of products and services
In order to achieve our goal, we determine the current life cycle carbon footprint of products and services.

Development of life cycle services
We are developing the concept of light as a service. When we produce light as a service, we are responsible for the functionality and carbon footprint of the lighting solution. By doing this, we are able to ensure that our products use as little energy as possible and retain their lumen output for as long as possible. This keeps the carbon footprint of our solution as low as possible throughout its life cycle.


Continuous improvement of occupational safety and well-being at work
We actively monitor the indicators of occupational safety and sickness absences, and we react to all close calls in order to prevent accidents at work. We carry out regular job satisfaction surveys for our staff, to which 84% of our employees responded in 2022. For us, job satisfaction surveys are one of the most important highlights of the year, on the basis of which we develop our management and operating practices.

Understanding the effects of light and supporting the circadian rhythm
As a company, we want to raise awareness of the impact of light on people’s well-being. This is reflected in our customer encounters, marketing and internal communications. We have implemented human-centric lighting solutions for our own production facilities and for our customers’ premises. These solutions support the natural circadian rhythm and thus improve coping, alertness and the overall well-being of personnel.

Increasing the sense of community and openness in the workplace through teamwork
We strongly believe that the well-being of our work community will be improved by increasing the sense of community and openness. All of our locations are designed to encourage teamwork and effectively enable both physical and remote encounters.


Governance structures and operating principles
Good governance is the basis of genuine sustainability. We act in accordance with our Ethical Code of Conduct as well as laws and regulations and treat each other fairly. We use a quality management and environmental management system certified by SGS Finland, which covers management and governance practices.

In order to increase awareness and transparency for our customers and employees, we will produce our first sustainability report in 2022.

Building a sustainable supply chain together with our partners
A sustainable supply chain requires increased awareness and transparency among our partners. We ensure that our partners are committed to our Ethical Code of Conduct and are aware of our sustainability strategy. We require that our partners take sustainability aspects into account in their operations.

We recognise the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We have identified five objectives that we can contribute the most to:

Sustainability steps

2010 Greenled is founded. We help our customers reduce their energy consumption with LED lighting.

2013 Production is transferred from the Far East to Finland.

2013 The first smart lighting solutions

2014 In-house installation, which makes comprehensive turnkey solutions possible.

2016 A certified ISO 9001 quality management system and ISO 14001 environmental management system for all operations

2016 The creation of the concept of light as a service

2017 Multi-package solutions for luminaire delivery

2018 Greenled joins Green Building Council Finland as a member.

2019 Greenled is selected as the 11th best workplace in Finland in the category of medium-sized companies.

2019 Continuous installation solutions with a low carbon footprint

2020 The first human-centric lighting solutions to support well-being

2021 The company’s production and headquarters move to new premises. Improving well-being at work and reducing energy consumption are the most important factors.

2021 We are implementing the Siqni personnel survey for the first time. Its purpose is to help understand which the factors are relevant for the employees, and how they are implemented in the company’s everyday life.

2021 Sustainability steering group will be established and sustainability strategy will be created.

2022 The carbon footprint of the entire operation is calculated according to the GHG protocol.

2022 At the company’s production and headquarters, we swithed to using renewable domestic hydroelectricity with certified origin.

2022 The first sustainability report is published.

2023 The first environmental product declaration is published.

2023 At the company’s production and headquarters, we switched to using carbon neutral district heating.

We use a certified ISO 9001 quality management system and ISO 14001 environmental management system for all operations. This guarantees a high-quality and efficient overall delivery.

We are a member of GBC Finland, which aims to promote sustainable and environmentally friendly construction.

Since 2017, we have been sponsoring Team Rynkeby. The money raised by the team is donated in full to support children and young people with cancer and their families.