Hospitals always need light, regardless of the time of day or the day of the week. Lighting must be reliable and well-designed, as the personnel’s work conditions and patient safety must remain at a high level at every hour of every day. Hospital lighting affects not only general comfort, but also people’s health and well-being.

Various hospital facilities have very different purposes. There are patient rooms, research facilities, hallways and waiting rooms, laboratories and lobbies – all of these require lighting that best serves their purpose. At the same time, energy efficiency must be taken into consideration, as lighting constitutes a significant portion of hospitals’ already extensive power consumption.


Energy efficiency. The chosen lighting technology and lighting control play an important role in the cost structure of hospital maintenance. There are many lighting points, so it is advisable to choose energy-efficient LED technology for the luminaires. Smart lighting control ensures that lights are on only where and when necessary.

High light levels. Hospital staff need efficient lighting for check-ups and research. High lighting levels increase alertness, which is directly connected to patient safety and quality care in hospital environments.

Glare-free. Illumination needs to be glare-free in healthcare facilities. In medical facilities, people often look at the ceiling, as patients spend a lot of time lying on their back in patient rooms, and in hallways during their transport. Glare-free lighting ensures that working is safe and the environment is pleasant for patients.

Comfort. In waiting rooms, cosy lighting design creates a relaxing atmosphere, which reduces the patients’ stress level and creates good conditions for starting treatment. Research shows that well-designed lighting helps to relieve fear and anxiety.

Supporting well-being. In hospital environments, using circadian lighting with changing colour temperature and light intensity has received positive results. Human-centric lighting has the potential to support the well-being of patients as well as shift workers.


Various lighting solutions are often used in hospital lighting design, ensuring a combination that works well in any space. With the help of good lighting, hospitals promote the health and well-being of their patients as well as employees.

Greenled’s lighting solutions raise the building’s energy efficiency to a new level, also improving the comfort of employees as well as patients. Contact our experts for more information about hospital lighting solutions.

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