The effortless lighting renewal of a subcontracting machine workshop

In its 70 years of operation, the Tampere-based Nomet Oy has developed into a world-class partner in the metal industry. The company’s focus is on creating added value for customers with top quality. For this reason, Nomet decided to renew its indoor lighting system using the GreenCare service model. The end result was an effortless turnkey delivery of a new lighting solution with considerable benefits.

Before the new solution, Nomet’s operations suffered from aged lighting. The insufficient light output of the 400-watt high-pressure sodium lamps was a challenge when loading and unloading heavy vehicles outside the workshop. In the indoor premises, spanning four halls, the biggest challenge was non-uniform lighting. The substandard colour rendering caused errors due to impaired perception and reduced occupational safety at the premises. In addition, unreliable luminaires often required maintenance and repairs.

The lighting retrofit was handled perfectly and resulted in a considerable change. The company’s initial comments referred to the excellent quality of the new lighting and the considerable savings it creates. Previously, the lights at Nomet’s indoor premises were on for 18 hours a day and could not be controlled. The main goal for the lighting retrofit was to increase the lumen output on the floor surface of the indoor premises and for the logistics needs of the outdoor area while creating energy savings. Thanks to the ENCELIUM system and motion detectors, the lighting can now be controlled overall and in sections as desired.

“The new lighting is particularly clever due to its motion detection and the added safety. We no longer need to stumble in the dark looking for light switches as the luminaires are switched on and off automatically when people move around in the premises.”

Tero Tuulentie, Head of Maintenance, Nomet Oy

The difference between the old and new solution is considerable. The new lighting put an end to all the disruptions resulting from dysfunctional lighting. The natural colour rendering of the modern LED lighting and the energy efficiency have also helped cool down the busy workshop premises. In addition to the modern, intelligent lighting solution, Nomet is particularly satisfied with the excellent cooperation. Greenled convinced the technical professionals with its expertise.

“When going through the tenders, Greenled stood out in the most positive light. The adjustability of the lighting, as well as the technology used, were some of our key criteria. Greenled’s unmatched competence convinced us that this was the solution for us. The calculated estimate of the savings created by the new lighting solution included in the tender and the opportunity to later monitor the realisation of the savings are some of the examples of the excellent service provided. For a company like us operating under an ISO system, this type of systematic and predictable approach plays a key role in being a pioneer in the development of the industry.”

Olli Lindström, Nomet Oy

In terms of indoor lighting, the procurement was carried out using the GreenCare service model. Instead of an investment tying up capital, the end result is a modern lighting solution with a reasonable monthly fee. A service model that is effortless to the customer means that a single partner is in charge of the implementation, maintenance and service of the lighting solution.

“Instead of lighting, we specialise in creating business value for our customers with high-quality machine workshop services. The GreenCare service model helps us focus on our core operations and spend our funds on factors that are more important for our business. Greenled’s luminaires with good funding and guarantee were a conscious choice. With the guarantee, we can ensure that the calculated savings are achieved.”

Jyrki Tiira, Managing Director, Nomet Oy

Nomet’s outdoor lighting emphasises energy savings, occupational safety, efficiency and comfort.

Image: The cargo is unloaded with forklifts and shelved outdoors. Nomet’s outdoor lighting also emphasises energy savings, occupational safety, efficiency and comfort.

Modern technology and smart lighting control have already proven their worth. The savings in energy and maintenance costs, for example, are already impressive; nearly 60% when compared to the previous high-pressure sodium lamps. The guaranteed illuminance levels, energy savings and environmental aspects included in the service benefit not only the employees of Nomet but the environment and community at large.

Both the professionals at Nomet and Greenled are happy with the results of the project. The implementation was carried out as promised, discreetly and with a quick schedule, without disrupting the daily operations. After using the new solution for a few months, the results of the project could be summed up as a mutual success.

Benefits of the GreenCare service model for Nomet:

  • Intelligent and environmentally friendly lighting solution without investment needs
  • Improved occupational safety, efficiency and comfort
  • Savings in energy and maintenance costs
  • Release of capital for factors vital for the business



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