A German conglomerate with Finnish lighting

ThyssenKrupp is a global company that also operates in Finland. The Group has some 150,000 employees and its Jämsänkoski unit serves customers throughout the Nordic region. It produces materials for customers in the aviation and defence industries, for example. The quality standards are extremely strict – a certified quality management system sets key performance indicators to ensure faultless deliveries.

Appropriate lighting in the various production facilities is essential for high-quality industrial operations. The old fluorescent and mercury luminaires at Jämsänkoski had reached the end of their lifespan and it was time to modernise the plant’s lighting solutions. Greenled’s lighting expert Erto Ollila determined that the best solution would be achieved by efficient industrial LED lights and by adjusting the intensity of the lighting in different areas by using motion detectors and the DALI protocol.

The solutions installed in Jämsänkoski produced energy savings of 75 per cent. Taking the lower maintenance costs into account, this translates into more than EUR 30,000 in annual savings. The solution also significantly improved the illuminance of the work areas. The project delivery also included entirely new lighting systems for areas that previously had none.

The lighting settings for the shelf area differ from those of the production floor by having a set delay after which the lighting is reduced to the desired maintenance level. The motion detectors also take into account the daylight coming in through the windows.


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