Peikko Group is Finland’s leading manufacturer of concrete connections and composite beams, with production operations in nine countries and 1,500 employees globally. The company is committed to sustainability, and quality and ecology are among the cornerstones of its operations.

The lighting in Peikko’s production facilities in Lahti needed to be replaced. The fluorescent, high pressure sodium vapour, multimetal and mercury lights of the production and warehouse premises had reached the end of their life cycle, and a new solution was needed. The objectives of the new system included energy-savings, reduced need for maintenance and higher quality of lighting. The required changes were described in a lighting plan ordered from an electrical designers, and the request for tender documents were prepared based on it. They were submitted to eight suppliers. Greenled Oy was selected from among them. It realised the new system as a turnkey delivery in which all old luminaires were replaced by Greenled’s Sigma 117 W luminaires and a DALI-based ENCELIUM™ control system with motion detectors.

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Peikko Finland Oy’s managing director Esa Rusila is pleased with the completion of the project. “The delivery of lighting was carried out exactly on the agreed schedule without interfering with production,” Rusila says. “This year, the focus of production has been on occupational safety and 5S. The new LED lighting has strongly supported both.”

The building in which the new lighting system was installed has a floor area of 6,600 square metres. Building maintenance manager Pekka Jouhio says that the company wanted to have appropriate lighting in the premises. The warehouse and production premises were divided into five different lighting groups with a DALI-based control system with motion detectors. “For example, if work takes place in only part of the building in the evening and weekends, the lights are on only in the areas where they need to be. In addition, it has not been necessary to adjust the lighting time programmes according to production hours anymore,” Jouhio says.

With the Polaris 3D programme acting as the core of the system, lighting can be controlled from anywhere. “Usability is at a high level, and the new system has so many benefits that actually, energy savings are just a bonus on top of everything else,” Pekka Jouhio sums up.


85 %

energy savings

To optimise energy savings, a standardised DALI-based Osram Encelium™ lighting control system was installed in the property in addition to the energy-efficient DALI luminaires.




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