Rifle maker Sako, part of Beretta Group, manufacturers some of the world’s most distinguished guns and cartridges in Riihimäki. Holding on to high quality and the professional skill of employees is one of the cornerstones of the company’s operations. When employees returned to work from holidays last summer, their feedback on the lighting upgrade was very positive.

Maintenance manager Marko Kuningas says: “It was a three-year project. The fluorescent lamps of the hall completed in 1986 demanded continuous work – both the lamps and the luminaires. Nevertheless, we wanted to carefully consider an alternative to tubes,” Kuningas says. “LEDs were not the first choice. However, we ended up with them, especially since Greenled launched a new luminaire model. Its efficiency and luminous colour matched our wishes.” Greenled provided Sako a comprehensive turnkey solution including design, installation and programming.

Thus, the employees returned from holidays satisfied. Kuningas is satisfied, too. “The DALI-controlled system saves tremendous amounts of energy. An interesting thing was found out after three months of use: the temperature in the hall had decreased by two degrees.”


ENERGy savings

To optimise energy savings, a standardised DALI-based Osram Encelium™ lighting control system was installed in the property in addition to the energy-efficient DALI luminaires.

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