Reduced carbon footprint and better well-being for workers

Valmet Rautpohja’s lighting renewal gave a voice to the staff

The Valmet Rautpohja factory realised how important lighting is to people’s well-being and alertness. That is why the factory’s new lighting was designed from a human-centric perspective.

The appreciation for the staff is reflected in the fact that the final decision on the lighting supplier was placed in the staff’s hands. As a result of the project, the production facilities now have a human centric lighting solution, which improves workplace safety, comfort and well-being. Read the customer story of Valmet Rautpohja’s lighting renewal.

Safety and comfort in the working environment

Valmet is the leading global developer and supplier of process technologies, automation and services for the pulp, paper and energy industries. Valmet’s vision is to become the global champion in serving its customers. The company’s 14,000 professionals around the world work close to their customers and are committed to moving their customers’ performance forward – every day.

The Rautpohja factory is Valmet’s paper and board machine factory and foundry in Jyväskylä. The factory employs around 2,000 people, a large number of whom carry out precision work on a daily basis. The previous lighting in the factory halls was implemented with high-pressure sodium lamps, which did not provide sufficient colour rendering in relation to the work tasks. The luminaires also consumed a lot of energy, which did not support Valmet’s environmental goals. The aim of the new lighting was to provide a safer and more comfortable working environment and to reduce the carbon footprint of the lighting.

Listening to the staff

Human centric lighting was designed for the production halls by Greenled. The colour temperature of the lighting is 5000 Kelvin to mimic daylight. The illuminance is well above standards, and the vertical surfaces are well-lit, allowing sufficient light to reach the back of the eye’s retina. In this way, the lighting supports people’s natural circadian rhythm and well-being and improves alertness at work.

“We were surprised by the know-how that Greenled has as a lighting supplier. Everything reflects the fact that the company specialises in lighting and only works in that field. Occupational safety and health issues were also familiar to the company, and they knew how to deal with them properly. “

Marko Saarinen, Facility Manager, Valmet Technologies Oy

The final selection of the lighting solution provider was left in the hands of the factory staff. Two different suppliers’ test installations were carried out in the halls, after which the staff voted on the solution that they preferred. In the words of the facility manager, Greenled’s solution won 100-0, and based on the feedback, it was easy to choose the lighting solution supplier.

Valmet Facility Manager Marko Saarinen under the new lighting at Rautpohja factory

Image: According to Valmet’s facility manager, Marko Saarinen, the new lighting has received only positive feedback from employees.

The factory lighting is controlled with an intelligent lighting control system that is based on presence detection. The control system automatically lowers the lighting level in those parts of the hall where lighting is not required. This extends the lifespan of the luminaires and ensures that the lighting’s energy use is minimised. If necessary, the lighting can be raised to its full capacity with the help of the control system, for example during a factory visit to enforce the high quality image of the factory.

“There has been a lot of good feedback from employees about the new lighting in the production halls, but perhaps the most memorable is the comment: “I’m not tired anymore!”

Marko Saarinen, Facility Manager, Valmet Technologies Oy

No disruption to daily activities

Greenled delivered the lighting renewal of Valmet Rautpohja as a turnkey service, including design, installation, and commissioning. Greenled was responsible for the whole process from start to finish, saving the customer time and guaranteeing them a successful outcome. The installation work at the Rautpohja factory was carried out at night, so that daily operations were not disturbed.

“The flexibility of Greenled really stood out to us. The fact that a project of this size could be carried out at night, without any workplace accidents and in full client cooperation.”

Marko Saarinen, Facility Manager, Valmet Technologies Oy

Valmet Rautpohja’s lighting renewal in a nutshell:

  • Human centric lighting implemented as a turnkey service that improves the safety of the work environment, work comfort, and the well-being of people.
  • Significantly lower lighting footprint – 58% energy savings and 207 tons fewer CO2 emissions from lighting per year.
  • Lighting that supports the high-quality image of the factory and can be managed and adjusted as necessary.
  • Positive feedback from staff and improved alertness at work.



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