Human centric lighting improved working conditions in A production facility: case pimatic

Pimatic Oy chose to completely renew their lighting. The inefficient fluorescent lamps from the 1980s were replaced by human centric industrial lighting. The GreenCare service package makes the solution carefree.

Pimatic Oy is a manufacturer of applied pneumatics and low-pressure hydraulics. The company’s production facilities are located in Huittinen, with good traffic connections. Demanding specialist work is carried out in the facilities. The working conditions are highly important, one of the most central of these being the lighting.

“In addition to the professional working methods, lighting is a key factor. Our manufacturing process entails a considerable amount of highly detailed work phases, such as dealing with small gaskets using small hand tools. Naturally, you have to be able to properly see what you’re doing. The lighting affects the quality of the work. Updating our lighting was largely a matter of well-being.”

Mika Virtanen, Managing Director, Pimatic Oy

In Pimatic’s production facilities, there is a machine shop for pneumatics products, an assembly plant and a reception and dispatch centre for products. Pimatic’s sister company Polarteknik operates on the same premises and also benefitted from the new lighting. In total, there are more than a hundred employees working at the production facilities. The facilities are a so-called clean space, where the conditions are highly controlled, which is another reason why adequate lighting is essential.

Smart LED lighting replaced fluorescent lamps

Before the update, work at Pimatic’s production facilities was carried out in fluorescent lighting from the 1980s, which was an inefficient solution that consumed a lot of energy. The fluorescent lamps were spaced unevenly between the beams, and there was variance in the illumination levels. Through the years, layout changes had been carried out on the premises and lamps were positioned incorrectly. Workstation lamps provided extra illumination, and new ones were frequently installed.

– Almost all of the fluorescent lamps were open and unprotected, even at workstations. That is why the update was also a matter of occupational safety,” Virtanen explains.

– We had received feedback from our personnel, which revealed that they needed better lighting conditions. We decided that we should update the whole system using a modern high-quality solution that would also save energy.

Greenled was chosen for Pimatic’s lighting update project based on the convincing customer references. What really sealed the deal was the quality of the lighting and the ease of the GreenCare service model.

In Pimatic’s lighting plan, the old mercury lamps were replaced with efficient Finnish LED luminaires and a smart lighting control system. A long luminaire was installed between every beam, which ensured even, high-quality lighting comparable to natural daylight.

A smart DALI-based lighting control system was installed on Pimatic’s premises, which enables the control of individual luminaires without switching cables. Adjustments can be made according to what is needed in the future.

The new LED luminaires provide even general lighting at Pimatic's production facilities

Image: The new LED luminaires provide even general lighting comparable to natural daylight at the production facilities. The smart control system enables the control of individual luminaires.

GreenCare service package – a carefree solution

The update came with the GreenCare service package, which included assessment, planning, delivery, installation and maintenance for the lighting solution. For Virtanen, above all, this means ease of use: if there are any problems, Greenled will detect and handle the matter remotely, and Pimatic’s employees can focus on their own job.

– Upon handover of the project, I said that I hoped paying for the service proves useless!

Virtanen thinks that the entire project went smoothly as a whole.

– Greenled’s project manager notified us about progress on the project very professionally. He had good suggestions and technical expertise. Projects always change slightly along the way, but he was always up to speed, and the project went smoothly in all respects, Virtanen says.

Smart hall lighting control makes work easier

Pimatic’s employees have taken to the update positively.

–  At first, there was some resistance as they started removing workstation lighting, Virtanen says.

–  But with time, we have noticed that the general lighting is more pleasant and the light levels are much higher than before.

“The lighting is much more efficient and also looks better. Working at the facilities is more pleasant. Many have said that they really like the improved working conditions.
I believe that this will ultimately only have a positive impact. After all, well-being was a priority when we embarked on this renewal.”

Mika Virtanen, Managing Director, Pimatic Oy

Pimatic's new lighting supports specialist work

Image: The new lighting supports specialist work. The level of illumination throughout the premises is so good that there is practically no need for separate workstation lamps

At Pimatic, work is done in shifts. In the past, all the lights were either on or off, but now the lighting can be easily adjusted according to the need. This also translates to energy savings. Design according to the need, the energy-efficient LED luminaires and the lighting control system add up to energy savings of up to 70 per cent over the previous numbers. This not only has a big impact on the costs but also on the environment.

–  The lighting conditions are improved, but energy is saved automatically, which is a real winning combination.


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