AREA LIGHTING creates safety and appeal

In area lighting design, the designer considers the purpose of the area, the positioning of the luminaires and highlighting different activities. With the right lighting choices, the customer gets an energy-efficient long-term solution that creates safety and comfort in the environment. Connected lighting control enables lighting adjustments for different purposes while the lifecycle of the luminaires is prolonged.

Controlling glare is very important in area lighting. Well-designed LED lighting creates good conditions for video surveillance and prevents vandalism in different areas. Parks, parking areas and lanes all require unique area lighting solutions. The same applies to facades, entrances and canopies.


Parks. Lighting affects the park’s atmosphere and attractiveness. Well-designed lighting enhances the look of the entire area and makes the park a safer place for everyone. Park lighting aims to create a harmonious atmosphere while often emphasising various objects.

Parking areas. Parking area lighting aims at safety around the clock. When general lighting requirements are applied, parking areas are safe and pleasant for anyone passing by, whether pedestrians or drivers. The lighting requirements of parking areas are influenced by the number of users and the location of the area, for example.

Lanes. Illuminating lanes ensures that any passers-by are visible also during the darker times of the day. There are lanes in parks and courtyards, where it is important to consider pedestrians. Well-lit lanes indicate passageways in a safe and pleasant way.

Facades, entrances and canopies. Lighting has a significant effect on the overall appearance of a building. Well-designed lighting really brings out the facade, giving it a polished look – the main doorway stands out clearly from its surroundings, and the entrance is welcoming. Illuminating canopies can also prevent vandalism, and guide people to find their means of transport.


Sustainable Greenled luminaires adapt to many different needs and operating environments.

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