Logistics continues to become more and more important in today’s business. The number of products and services is increasing, distances are growing longer, delivery times are becoming shorter and more and more products require cold storage.

Logistics facilities are often large and high-bay, and there is little to no daylight. Typically, the lights are on at all times across the facility, using up heaps of energy.

Smart lighting control can bring many benefits to logistics facilities. Well-designed lighting not only saves energy, but it also promotes productivity and employee satisfaction, improves occupational safety and helps to avoid errors.


Sufficient light. High-bay logistics halls require powerful luminaires that produce enough light to reach from the highest shelves all the way to the floor level. Luminaire optics play a crucial role and need to be suitable for the narrow spaces between shelves. Optically appropriate luminaires illuminate the vertical surfaces of shelves well, improving the visibility of signs and pallet markings and enabling the safe pick-up and shelving of goods.

Light uniformity. It is not enough to have high illuminance values. The lighting must also be even, and the lighting standard specifies minimum values for uniformity. However, the standard requirement is only the minimum, which should rather be exceeded. Uniformity or evenness is important for both occupational safety and accuracy because shadows cause fatigue in the eyes and weaken visibility. There should be no darker areas that are visible to the human eye in the working area.

Glare-free light. Good logistics lighting is glare-free even if you need to look upwards. In logistics, this is often the case for forklift operators when they move loads near the ceiling. Glaring lights can even lead to occupational accidents, and in any case, they have a negative effect on comfort. Glare prevention is a particular area of focus in the design of logistics luminaires.

Smart lighting control. Some of the aisles are always unoccupied in a logistics hall, which means aisle-specific detectors can bring many benefits. Smart lighting control keeps the lights on at a low level and tunes them up automatically when someone enters the aisle. Smart lighting control can help logistics facilities save up to 80–90% on energy while improving comfort and extending the lifespan of luminaires.

Human centric lighting. The most important benefits of modernising your lighting are related to human well-being. Sufficient light and the right colour temperature make the workplace safer, support a natural circadian rhythm and stimulate alertness. As a consequence, good lighting can reduce errors and increase productivity and efficiency.


Well-designed logistics lighting improves productivity, reduces the number of errors and accidents and saves a considerable amount of energy.

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