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Logistics is becoming more and more important in modern business. Products and services are growing in number, distances are increasing, delivery times are decreasing and more products require cold storage. Logistics facilities are often enormous spaces, and cold storage areas have no natural light. For this reason, light energy consumption and costs are high. The best way to reduce costs is to use efficient lighting solutions that minimise energy usage and lower maintenance expenses.

Added value can be found in smart lights and lighting management: LED lights offer entirely new opportunities in terms of durability, reliability and efficiency, and they are ideally suited to cold temperatures. Higher illumination levels and better dazzle prevention contribute to employee productivity and help to avoid problems, such as picking errors. They also make the work environment more pleasant.

Smart lighting for logistics

Using functional, appropriate and smart lighting in logistics facilities improves productivity and also has a direct effect in terms of reducing accidents.

With an eye to decreasing energy consumption, logistics facilities often strive to obtain as much light as possible from each lighting outlet and in warehouses with high ceilings and shelves up to 10 metres in height, it can be challenging to illuminate an entire shelf. Therefore, energy efficiency is important in large logistics warehouses, as electricity consumption is high. The light level in these areas is standardised, and this should not compromise work efficiency and safety.

When lighting is designed in logistics facilities, it is important to understand the benefits of control and be able to monitor energy savings. Smart control can also enable demand-side management on the site. It is wasteful lighting up an entire warehouse at full power – sensors can be used to increase the light level in the areas where forklift trucks are operating and the places they will go to next.

When lighting is integrated into a real estate automation system, it works in tandem with other real estate automation elements, such as ventilation and heating. Smart control provides information about the usage rates of various types of area, enabling the use of the areas to be optimised. Smart lighting control in logistics facilities helps the premises to be more efficient and, when lighting is directed to the areas where it is actually needed, energy savings of up to 90% can be achieved.

Greenled’s lighting solutions for logistics facilities

At Greenled, we offer the most cost- and energy-efficient solutions available for all industrial premises. The design process is simple: we have extensive experience in preparing lighting plans for industrial premises, so we already know what you need. Clear instructions, good products and reliable control systems make the design work enjoyable.

You can design your own industrial lighting systems or let us do it for you. We want to make your work as easy as possible.



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