JULA Logistics replaced the lighting in their central warehouse in skare and switched from traditional fluorescent tubes to led luminaires

The old luminaires, which had been in place for 10–12 years, had served their time. 4,037 old luminaires were replaced with 1,288 modern LED luminaires. 

Björn Nord is the construction project manager at G&K Fastigheter in Skara, and he provided support to Jula Logistics, which purchased the new lighting. The large warehouse serves both Jula stores and the online store in Sweden. The online store began in 2018.

– When we put out our inquiry, we received six quotes and proceeded with three of them. This resulted in test installations that we evaluated, says Björn Nord. The contractors each had an aisle in which to install the lighting. Then we asked our staff, the truck drivers, how they found the lighting in their work environment. When we looked at their preferences and the cost of investment, the choice fell on Greenled.

– We have pallet racks rising to 12 metres in height. The most important thing we evaluated was the uniformity of the lighting to ensure that the pallets right at the top are still well lit. Energy savings also played a role, obviously, and the need to recoup the investment within a foreseeable amount of time, i.e. 18–24 months. But we believe it will happen faster than that, adds Björn. The installed control system enables managing the lighting as necessary and measuring energy consumption. The plan is to install more luminaires.

The luminaire in the aisle is Omega 119W optic Oval, which optimises the light in the 8–14-metre tall aisles. The optic means the truck driver is less likely to be dazzled when positioned beneath the luminaires.
Each 175-metre aisle in Jula’s central warehouse is divided into five sections, with five sensors in each aisle, purely to optimise energy consumption. This means that when no truck is present in an aisle, the luminaire will go down to 1% or be switched off altogether. Everything is managed via the Osram ENCELIUMTM control system.

Joel Enetorp of Greenled explains that this is a turnkey project. It means that Greenled takes on the entire project, from the initial site visit to the completed installation.

– Greenled supplies lighting solutions as a turnkey service, including design, installation and commissioning, he says. From the buyer’s point of view, buying turnkey lighting is simple and painless, since none of their own resources are spent on project management. Instead, you can rely on our experts to deliver a high-quality lighting solution that is tailored to your needs. Instead of multiple contacts, the customer has only one person and one company to consult with.
One company has the overall responsibility for the entire project, continues Joel. Responsibility is not divided among several different operators. The customer saves time and money by not having to buy each part of the process separately.

“With Joel taking the lead, Greenled has offered extremely professional service and the dialogue with the fitters on the site has been good,” says Björn Nord. “One prerequisite in our inquiry was that the lighting must be installed without affecting the activities of the central warehouse. Greenled complied with this from start to finish all through May-August.”

Björn Nord, Jula Logistics

Image: Björn Nord, Jula Logistics and Joel Enetorp, Greenled.





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