Green wheels turning

Today, the transport industry is required to keep a very close eye on the environmental impact of operations. The 60-year-old Finnish company Ahola Transport is one of the largest in the Nordic countries, and it has made determined efforts to benefit the environment for several years now. The company’s  2017 environmental report indicates that it has achieved very good results. Ahola Transport’s fuel consumption per tonne kilometre is substantially below the industry average. This achievement was made possible by vehicle-specific fuel consumption monitoring, dynamic logistics solutions and real-time route planning.

Green Wheels is Ahola Transport’s term for the company’s ISO 14001 certified environmental efforts.

Greenled is Ahola Transport’s choice as the lighting system supplier for its garage. The garage’s high pressure sodium luminaires had reached the end of their lifespan and the orange light they generated was not sufficient. The new energy-efficient LED lighting system was delivered as a turnkey solution installed by Greenled’s technicians. Lighting in the garage is now controlled by new DALI detectors that take daylight, motion and presence into account.

The outcome of the project was a system implemented using Finnish LED luminaires and that offer market-leading luminous efficacy. The solution also includes the necessary control systems. The lifespans of the equipment are based on the IES LM-80 and TM-21 standards.


energy savings

Green wheels, green lights.

Savings during the luminaires’ warranty period: EUR 41,300.

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