Encelium maximises savings at Posti’s logistics centre

In business for nearly four centuries, Posti is a service company that aims to provide its customers with the smartest and most customer-oriented postal and logistics solutions in the market. Posti employs more than 20,000 professionals and provides its services in 11 countries.

With the entire postal sector currently in the midst of a historic transformation, Posti has built its strategy around a determined process of renewal. Posti seeks growth in e-commerce and related solutions, comprehensive logistics solutions ranging from transport to in-house logistics as well as entirely new services.

Posti’s logistics centre in Vantaa was in need of a new lighting system. Greenled’s lighting expert Erto Ollila visited the facility to conduct an assessment, take measurements and prepare a proposal for Posti. “Omega LED luminaires are definitely the best solution for this space with a room height of 10 metres. I recommended Osram Encelium as the lighting control system. It makes it possible to set the desired lighting levels for different areas. The graphical Polaris user interface generates consumption and fault reports, supports the creation of scheduling programmes linked to the calendar and enables the controlling of lighting areas,” Ollila explains.

The logistics centre received a turnkey delivery of a system that offers an impressive 90% in energy savings compared to the old system. Taking maintenance costs into account, this translates to savings of EUR 180,000 per year. The ability to adjust lighting by area also improves the logistics centre’s workplace safety and makes work smoother and significantly more productive.


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