The import, wholesale and retail company with more than m€120 turnover has been built with determination over the past 50 years. The company uses lighting to enhance their logistics operations with the same determination – you are warmly to learn more about Isojoen Konehalli!

The family business, which was founded in Ostrobothnia, Finland in the late 1960s, has taken quite a leap forward over the course of two generations. Originally a small agricultural service workshop, the company is now a large importer of tools and spare parts, comprising a chain of stores with more than 130 dealers. Well-functioning storage and logistics play a key role in the day-to-day operations of this great Finnish success story.

Light improves efficiency and safety

One hundred staff members over two shifts ensure that the goods ordered from Isojoen Konehalli Oy end up in the right place at just the right time. Reliably, responsibly and efficiently, as promised in the company’s values. In ensuring to deliver on this promise, lighting plays a more central role than you might imagine.

“In our operations, the correct lighting is an important factor and improves efficiency. On the warehouse side, it is of great importance, as there are no accidents and we can safely take care of shipments. Functional lighting also speeds up work as you see what product data and numbers are at the ends of the shelves.”

Matti Vainionpää, Deputy Managing Director, Isojoen Konehalli Oy

Needs for speed, efficiency and safety are more easily understood using numbers. The range at the modern logistics centre in Kauhajoki is made up of 50,000 different products imported from over 30 countries. There is a total of 37,000 square metres of space and 47,000 pallet spaces for storing small supplies, bulky spare parts and various other items.  

The flow of goods arriving at and leaving from the central warehouse is almost constant, and it is imperative that work gets done without issues each and every day. At the Kauhajoki central warehouse, the previous challenges were brought on by outdated fixtures that had already become somewhat dangerous and the fluorescent tubes which had to be replaced quite often.

Smart lighting with Greenled

The outdated lighting at Isojoen Konehalli Oy’s Kauhajoki logistics facilities was updated with the help of Greenled. The process was conducted with the help of a long-term partner with whom the company had worked at their chain locations for a decade. Familiar producer understands understand their customers’ needs and is able to help with the right lighting solutions.

“When updating lighting, everything must be based on a functional lighting plan. What kinds of lights should be brought into the storage space and what can be achieved with them. In addition to safety and accuracy, lighting is very important for workplace wellbeing. It is more comfortable to work in spaces properly lit with adequate and natural lighting, and that is something we have seriously invested in.”

Matti Vainionpää, Deputy Managing Director, Isojoen Konehalli Oy

The turnkey lighting renovation was a major project that meant upgrading 3,500 obsolete luminaires to modern LED technology. The workload was also increased by 500 luminaires to an expansion to the storage space in a new building. All of this was done by Greenled’s professional installation team in just two weeks. 

Isojoen Konehalli Oy has been investing in improvements to its lighting solutions in recent years, with all of the company’s properties having upgraded to LED lighting to save energy and increase lighting performance. LED lighting is a more environmentally friendly option especially in that it reduces power consumption, saving both money and the environment. 

In addition to saving energy, in large logistics facilities, operations are made more efficient and optimised with automation. At the Kauhajoki logistics centre, this means, for example, efficient logistics using an automated collection line. Technology takes care of the work while humans monitor. The same applies to lighting. Automatic motion sensors turn on lights where they are needed. Smart solutions to lighting ensure that people can excel in their work.

Summary of implemented measures

  • Turnkey lighting renovation + lighting for a new logistics , total space of 37,000 m2 
  • Significant energy savings achieved with new lighting at the Kauhajoki central warehouse when compared to consumption with the old lighting solution 
  • Occupancy sensors throughout the building to control lighting as needed
  • Savings and smart adjustable lighting with the DALI ENCELIUM lighting management system, e.g., each shelf space can be controlled individually

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