The logistics company operating at the port opted for smart LED lighting. The total of LED illuminated area is already over 40 000 m2. Greenled executed lighting solution according to the needs of the customer, and was responsible for the whole lighting project from planning to execution. Due to heavy truck traffic in port storages, the lighting plan carefully outlined the purpose and needs of the area to ensure a user friendly result that increases occupational safety.

DALI light control system and motion detectors have resulted in significant lighting energy savings of over 70%. User feedback has been positive: there is no dazzle, and the light control system works as required. Light control system provides considerable savings when the lighting intensity does not increase to full power in the whole storage when a truck drives in, but increases only in the area in which motion is detected. High port storages were illuminated using Sigma luminaires and the lower storages with ECO E II 92 W luminaires. Outdoor area and walls were illuminated using the Sirius product family luminaires.



Lighting and lighting control according to needs

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