Exercising in good light and enjoying it is everyone’s privilege. Gyms and sports facilities with excellent equipment are easy to find almost anywhere nowadays – for example, in shopping centres. Esport Express provides its customers with the joy of sports at shopping centre Liila. Everything was well in other respects, but the halogen and fluorescent lamps were a nuisance.

Great premises, but…

Once Greenled’s expert arrived at Esport Express, it also turned out that the energy consumption of the old luminaires was very high. “They were also old and low-powered,” Jaan Niemelä regrets.
When the evaluation tour continued, it was also noted that some of the luminaires were broken. “In such situations, I am always also concerned from the point of view of safety, but at least how the customers experience the poor lighting. If exercising is not comfortable, customers go elsewhere. This is not in anybody’s interest,” Jaan Niemelä reminds us. “Fortunately, the solution is easier than many people think.”

No investment required

Greenled’s full-service solution includes everything – including the dismantling, disposal and recycling of the old luminaires. And the best thing – LED luminaires are so energy-efficient that the new lighting system begins to save money right from commissioning. ”Esport Express Liila is now a safe and comfortable gym, also with regard to lighting. All this was achieved without any investment expenses. The monthly fee covers everything, and the customer can focus on its own business. When the customer is satisfied, so am I,” says Jaan Niemelä.


Energy savings

EUR 0 maintenance expenses over the agreement term

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