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Arena Älvhögsborg in Trollhättan, Sweden, is a wellness and sports centre with a diverse range of services including a fitness centre and spa, employee activity packages for businesses and, perhaps most importantly, large indoor multi-purpose sports arenas.

Handball is a popular sport in Sweden, and the country has been successful in international competition ever since the 1930s. The practice and match facilities for this fast sport must be maintained in good condition to ensure that both players and fans can enjoy the games to the fullest.

Arena Älvhögsborg’s slogan is “We always give a little more” (Vi ger alltid lite mer). The new lighting system of the handball arena is fully in line with this promise. “Saving 70% in energy costs while getting 130% more light is a fantastic outcome,” says Håkan Engström, Managing Director of Arena Älvhögsborg. As it turned out, Engström got even more than that.

“This was an unexpected bonus for us. We now have lighting that is praised by the TV companies as much as the players, not to mention the fans,” Engström explains. Engström points out that the lighting control system installed at the arena makes it possible to create impressive special effects depending on the nature of the event. “We always give a little more,” Engström says again.

“We have made an investment in the future. I can recommend Greenled for everyone looking for the ideal lighting solution for their premises,” Håkan Engström concludes.


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