The lighting solution of the league hall was executed with Sigma luminaires of Greenled Oy. The lighting control system for hockey rinks is Osram Encelium™ with advanced user interface enabling remote control of lighting even via tablet – the required illumination situations can be saved in the system. The lighting control system also issues detailed reports about energy consumption of the property.

Lighting plays an important role in the players’ performance of the players, especially the goaltender – visibility if of utmost importance in preventing the puck from entering the net. New lighting provides even and non-glare illumination to the players, audience and photographers. In addition, let’s not forget the LED lighting’s positive impact on higher quality of ice and decreased heat load.

Lighting renovation resulted in energy savings of approximately 70% despite of substantial additions to lighting amount achieved by replacing the old metal halide luminaires with Sigma luminaires. Lighting plan was executed according to the lighting instructions of the league hall.



Visibility to hockey rink

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