Sustainable Car Park Lighting

Since its construction, the Skanssi shopping centre has paid special attention to responsibility, sustainability and environmentally friendly solutions. Skanssi is involved in an efficiency agreement for the property sector and is committed to reducing energy consumption by 7.5% by 2025.

Skanssi’s car park lighting was renewed because the previous lighting was no longer at a sufficient level. From the property owner’s point of view, it is important to find development areas, and this LED project was one of them.

With the new lighting, the energy efficiency of the property will continue to improve – electricity consumption will decrease by 87% compared to the previous lighting. In addition, lighting control guarantees customers a pleasant and good experience in the shopping centre.

Greenled was selected as a supplier because Skanssi already had good experiences of cooperation. Greenled previously provided LED lighting for Skanssi’s underground car park.

The cooperation with Greenled was considered effortless and everything proceeded on schedule according to the agreement. Skanssi shopping centre warmly recommends Greenled for other similar projects.


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