Retail Lighting: Improve Customer Experience with LED lights

Lighting has a huge impact on the shopping experience in retail. Read how Sokos mall improved customer experience and reached energy savings of about 70 % by investing in LED lighting.

Celebrating the 50-year-old mall

In 2018, the Finnish Sokos mall celebrated its 50-year journey in the heart of Joensuu city. Reaching this milestone, the mall needed a fresh touch and a modern look. What better way to do that than showing the entire mall in new light.

Reaching the end of their life cycle, the old fluorescent tubes and multi-metal spots were replaced with modern led luminaires by Greenled. Added with a smart lighting control system, the new luminaires allow the store management to emit light where it’s needed, improve the overall shopping experience and minimise maintenance needs. Not to mention energy savings of 70 %.

“We used to have three different colour tones in the store. As a result, customers would sometimes return clothes after seeing them in daylight. With our new LED lighting, we no longer experience these kinds of returns.”

Mika Karvonen, Mall Manager, Sokos Joensuu

Sokos Joensuu retail lighting in fashion

Replacing the outdated lighting with modern LEDs has decreased the number of returns in clothing.

Business as usual

The led lighting was provided as a turnkey solution including planning, delivery, installation and commissioning. While the installations were going on, the mall experienced no disturbance in their day-to-day business. Working at night time, the installation team of Greenled did all the work causing no trouble at opening hours.

“It was clear that our business needs were understood and respected. There was no disturbance at opening hours and the whole project was completed as scheduled. We felt well informed and the quality control on site really stood out to us.”

Mika Karvonen, Mall Manager, Sokos Joensuu

Added value through smart lighting control

All in all, Greenled has provided luminaires to several hypermarkets and supermarkets in the same region, all owned by Pohjois-Karjala co-op (PKO). The co-op aims at making all of the properties as energy efficient as possible, which is good both for business and sustainable development.

Reports show that lighting greatly affects the overall energy efficiency of the properties. Depending on the state of the old lighting and the size of the property, LED lighting has reduced the overall energy consumption of the properties by 10–20 %.

All of the properties have also been connected to OSRAM ENCELIUM™ smart lighting control system. Lighting control creates added savings and allows the co-op to remotely adjust several properties at once. The future plan is to connect the city marketplace car park to the same lighting control system.



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