IKH operates in wholesale, retail and resale with over 130 locations in Finland. The growing chain has been relying on Greenled’s expertise in lighting for almost ten years.  

The company, having reached a respectable fifty years of operation, has a solid and successful business. The cornerstones are trusting business relationships and sustainable co-operation. They also trust in long-term co-operation in the field of lighting.

Significant benefits with rational lighting investments

IKH’s co-operation with Greenled began in 2011. The company did away with old fluorescent rational and the rickety tube sockets that required frequent replacement when they made the leap into the LED era with their first lighting renovation.

Over the years, the successful pilot project evolved into a partnership in implementing comprehensive lighting solutions. Whenever IKH completes a new retail location or renovates older spaces, Greenled makes sure the lighting is in order.

“Functional lighting plays a major commercial role in stores. A well-lit store improves the comfort of both customers and employees. A well-lit product also sells better than those in poorly lit spaces. So we make painstaking plans for where shelves should be placed and how to illuminate the products on them.”

Matti Vainionpää, Deputy Managing Director, Isojoen Konehalli Oy 

The results of effective co-operation in the commercial field can easily be measured in cashflow, but lighting has other functions, as well. At IKH, the commercial importance of lighting is understood at a strategic level. Adequate and appropriate lighting is a must, and environmental and economic considerations should also be taken into account more broadly. Lighting renovation must also be profitable as an investment.

“Proper lighting increases store sales, improves comfort and working efficiency, and, at the same time, saves significant amounts of energy and helps the environment, as the same space can be lit using only half the energy required by older solutions. We believe that lighting renovations are a sensible investment if the payback period is reasonable. Often, the reduced maintenance costs and energy savings gained through new lighting solution are also good reasons to make the investment.”

Matti Vainionpää, Deputy Managing Director, Isojoen Konehalli Oy

Smart lighting at the IKH store in Pori

An excellent example of co-operation is the turnkey lighting solution done at the IKH store in Pori. The goal was to achieve a sufficient light output of 1200 lux throughout the store. The installation was completed with the Omega luminaire continuous frame system, which saves on supply and installation costs. In addition to the store spaces, the site’s storage lighting was also renovated with normal lighting suspension rails.

In addition to lighting technology, a smart control system was also used in the lighting at the Pori location. This way, the lighting at the store can also be controlled remotely from the head office in Kauhajoki, if necessary. The smart Encelium light management system allows for lighting that is not only adjustable but also ensures a wide range of strategies for energy savings. Changing the lighting is easy with just a click of the mouse in the desired level. The system also provides information on maintenance needs and failures easily, even for individual luminaires.

“Lighting technology is developing at a stunning pace, with massive developments having happened just over the last 5 to 10 years. Energy-saving, environmentally friendly LED technology and smart solutions for adjusting lighting scenarios are clearly solutions for the modern age.”

Matti Vainionpää, Deputy Managing Director, Isojoen Konehalli Oy


  • Lighting partnership since 2011
  • Turnkey lighting solutions in both new and renovated locations
  • Frequently implemented model: store-specific LED lighting + smart DALI ENCELIUM light management system
  • Light as a service: instead of investment, financing lighting solutions with a monthly subscription fee
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