Kamux, a specialist in second-hand cars, is growing rapidly and profitably. In addition to Finland, the company operates in Sweden and Germany, and its growth is based on a combination of brick-and-mortar and online sales. Kamux delivers cars to the customer’s front door for a test drive via its webshop.

In spite of the success of the webshop, brick-and-mortar shops are necessary. People like to go to a car dealer just to have a look, even if they are not yet thinking about actually buying one. What the cars smell like, how they shine, what the steering wheel feels like when sitting on the driver’s seat.

In Tampere, Kamux has two dealerships. In the Hatanpää dealership, cars find new owners on spacious 2,000-square-metre premises in which efficient LED lighting by Greenled was installed. In a dealership, lighting is a key part of the atmosphere that makes it pleasant to look at cars from different angles, even under the mudguard. Even and glare-free lighting makes the cars look better, and good lighting of the premises increases the comfort of both the employees and customers. In addition, the reduced carbon footprint is a significant message that can be communicated.



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