Sokos in the very centre of Jyväskylä is the biggest department in Central Finland. It underwent a considerable extension during 2006–2010 when the premises of its former parking garage were adopted for use by the department store, while diversifying its product range even further. The in-store lighting of the department store was brought to today’s standards in 2016–2017 with the installation of panel luminaires by Greenled.

Sokos is a trendy department store for the trend-conscious. Its customers appreciate a good shopping experience, of which high-quality in-store lighting is an essential part. Erto Ollila, Senior Account Manager at Greenled, says that the old in-store lighting no longer met today’s lighting trend: “Nowadays, people want the freshness of daylight also indoors. The new lighting did not only result in a stylish outcome, it also increased the height of the premises. It is now like a completely new place, really spacious and light.”

In addition to satisfied customers and a better shopping experience, the new in-store lighting provides energy savings amounting to 50% compared to the old system.



Energy savings

Stylish, light, fresh

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