Rigel Gen2

Rigel Gen 2 is a durable, high-quality luminaire designed for tough conditions. Thanks to its excellent adjustability and diverse light distribution properties, this luminaire is perfect for various large outdoor areas, such as sports grounds and parking lots. The installation and maintenance of the luminaire have been designed to be as easy as possible.

Benefits and suitability


Rigel Gen 2 is an energy-efficient luminaire (140 lm/W) and, therefore, perfect for illuminating large areas. The shock-proof aluminium body of Rigel Gen 2 has been built to withstand challenging conditions (IK08). In addition, the luminaire is proofed against dust and water (IP66). Rigel Gen 2’s well-designed cooling ribs minimise the accumulation of water and dirt. The cooling ribs also guarantee the long life of the LED components. The plug-and-play feature of Rigel Gen 2 makes it very easy to install. Thanks to the separate connection device casing, the luminaire is also easy and quick to service. The separate connection device can be installed 50m from the luminaire.


Rigel Gen 2 is perfect for lighting various outdoor sites such as sports fields, stadiums, storage areas, parking lots and for large area lighting needs.

Product families and variants

Model Type Code Power Luminous flux Luminaire Efficacy Lifetime Operating temperature
Rigel Gen2 800W GLRIG2 800W 112000lm 140 lm/w L80F10>100 000h -30C - +40C
Rigel Gen2 1200W GLRIG2 1200W 168000lm 140 lm/w L80F10>100 000h -30C - +40C


Model Type Code Length (L) Height (H) Width (W) Weight
Rigel Gen2 800W GLRIG2 731 mm 356 mm 597 mm 29,8 kg
Rigel Gen2 1200W GLRIG2 825 mm 356 mm 597 mm 33,2 kg

General Description

Colour Temperature: 4000K, 5000K, 5700K
Colour Rendering Index: RA≥ 70 (option 90(1)
Light source shield: Glass
IP class: IP66
IK class: IK08
Supply voltage: 100-240VAC / 277-480 VAC
Frequency: 50 / 60 Hz
PF: >0,92
THD: 10%
Overvoltage Prot.: 10kV L-L, 20kV L-Ground

3-pole installation cable, 2-pole DALI cable, 3pole DMX cable

Dimmability: DALI
Colour: Black
Material of the luminaire body: Aluminium
Guarantee: 5 years

Attachment and downloads

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