Zeeta Plafond

Zeeta Plafond

Zeeta Plafond is a versatile LED ceiling luminaire that produces an even, pleasant light. The stylish ceiling lamp is an excellent luminaire for general lighting in schools, offices, sanitary facilities, changing rooms and corridors. The high IP classification makes it an option even in damp spaces. The luminaire is available ON/OFF version. The thin luminaire can be installed both on ceiling and wall surfaces.

Benefits and suitability


Stylish and versatile ceiling lamp with good moisture protection (IP54).


For general lighting of various kinds of spaces, such as schools, offices, sanitary facilities, changing rooms or corridors. Installation on ceiling or wall surfaces. Also suitable for illuminating damp spaces.

Product families and variants

Model Type Code Power Luminous flux Luminaire Efficacy Lifetime Operating temperature
Zeeta Plafond 12W GLZP01012XX-F 12 W 1260 lm 105 lm/W L70F10 > 50 000h -25 - +45°C
Zeeta Plafond 18W GLZP01018XX-F 18 W 1890 lm 105 lm/W L70F10 > 50 000h -25 - +45°C
Zeeta Plafond 25W GLZP01025XX-F 25 W 2550 lm 102 lm/W L70F10 > 50 000h -25 - +45°C


Model Type Code Length (L) Height (H) Width (W) Weight
Zeeta Plafond 12W GLZP01012XX-F Ø 250 mm 48 mm 0,7 kg
Zeeta Plafond 18W GLZP01018XX-F Ø 300 mm 48 mm 0,8 kg
Zeeta Plafond 25W GLZP01025XX-F Ø 300 mm 48 mm 0,8 kg

General Description

Colour Temperature: 3000K, 4000K
Colour Rendering Index: RA≥ 80
Optic: Opal
Light source shield: PC
IP class: IP54
Supply voltage: 220-240 Vac
Frequency: 50-60 Hz
PF: >0,93
THD: <20%

Terminal Block 3*2.5mm2

Dimmability: On/off
Colour: White
Material of the luminaire body: PC
Guarantee: 5 Years

Attachment and downloads

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