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Investment or Rental Agreement?

Why spend money on lighting when you could use it on productive business? Lighting renewals are often hindered because of the internal capital battle in companies. As a result, lighting renewals are postponed for a year or two while waiting for the investment window to open. Postponing the renewal, however, is not the best choice since maintaining the old lighting continuously causes excess costs.

Investment Is not the Only Alternative

Instead of investing in new lighting, many companies decide to rent the lighting solution. In a rental agreement, the company pays a monthly fee for just the lighting or lighting plus maintenance.

With a monthly rental agreement, you’ll gain the energy savings of modern led technology and enjoy all the other benefits of the new lighting solution. At the same time, company capital is spared for more strategic investments.

What’s the Price Tag for Waiting? Download the Example Calculation

Postponing a lighting renewal is costly. While many are afraid of the side costs of the rental agreement, the costs are covered simply by not letting the lighting renewal wait for six months or more.

In our example calculation, you’ll clearly see the financial benefits of renting the lighting instead of waiting for the investment window to open.

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The Benefits of Rental Agreement

Without owning the lighting, the customer enjoys all the benefits of better lighting, such as energy savings, comfort, workplace safety and better sales.

  • No need for investment
  • Budgeting is easier as the rents are evenly distributed on rental periods
  • Company capital is spared for more strategic investments
  • The rent is kept off the balance sheet
  • The monthly rent is 100 % deductible in taxes
  • The warranty of the rental agreement protects the customer from surprising malfunctions