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Delivery, Installation and Commissioning

Being responsible and delivering quality are essential aspects of our turnkey service. Since we are responsible for all areas of the project, we can better guarantee work and product quality, and be a real partner to you along the way. We stay true to our word, complete our work in a professional manner and make sure the end result works out as planned.

Product Delivery

Choosing the right luminaires is an important part of our turnkey service. There are various factors that affect the choice of luminaires, such as the installation height and the temperature and impact of the environment.

In our turnkey service, we make sure the luminaires are well-chosen and tolerate the environmental impact. Greenled’s quality luminaires have long lifecycles and they are manufactured in Finland at our own factory. Before delivery, each luminaire is carefully tested and delivered to the customer in the agreed time-frame.

Lighting Installation

Greenled’s own electricians install the lighting solution. We take care of the installation work as well as the lighting control plans. The installation work is scheduled according to your wishes so that we cause minimal disturbance to your daily activities. Often, we end up working in night shifts, as it is productive for both parties.

Greenled has strong experience in dealing with the lighting design and installation in demanding environments. Our installers are used to our company procedures and they are quick to solve practical challenges. By using our own installers, we can guarantee quality and stand behind the end result. Greenled has the ISO9001 quality certificate, as well as the 14001 environment certificate for all our operations from production and design to installation.

Commissioning and Guidance

As part of our service, we make sure the lighting meets the expectations and functions as planned. Depending on the case, the lighting may be fully automated or alternatively, adjustable through a light management system.

With the help of a smart light management system, customers can adjust the lighting based on their needs through a visual user interface. If there is a light management system in place, we will train the customer during the commissioning.

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Suosiola power plant

“Anyone working in a factory environment knows these are dusty, tricky places. It’s not just about finding the right luminaires, it’s about having the creativity to get them installed. I think the installation team of Greenled did a great job in that.”

Henri Jokkala,
Electrical Automation Manager, Suosiola power plant