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Assessment and Lighting Design

Our professionals have years of experience in illuminating different environments and dealing with different businesses. At its best, lighting creates significant added value for the company, the employees and the owners of the property. Successful lighting renewal is the result of careful assessment, expertise and understanding the customer needs.

Understanding Your Needs

Customer focus is one of our core values and it shows in everything we do. We find it important to understand your values, your goals and your business aspirations to deliver a successful lighting renewal.

Different businesses have different goals for lighting, for example, comfort, safety, productivity or better sales. To reach different goals, there are various ways to customise and design lighting solutions. At Greenled, the products are developed and manufactured in-house in Finland, so that we can quickly react and adapt to customer needs.

Getting to Know the Property

Essentially, each site is assessed on the spot by our lighting professionals. In the assessment session, we measure the light levels and go through the challenges and drawbacks of the current lighting. We also make sure to understand all the factors and details that influence the future solution, such as the characteristics of the building and the lighting requirements of different work tasks. Our assessment team includes both design- and installation know-how; this way, we make sure our solution is both well-designed and practical.

The advantages of updating a lighting solution reach beyond eliminating the discomforts of the old lighting. Instead, new lighting creates added value. Lighting can help you, for example, refine the customer experience, improve workplace safety or increase worker productivity.

Designing the Lighting Solution

Each lighting solution includes a detailed lighting plan. A lighting plan is a simulation of the new solution, including the number and placement of the luminaires, lighting control plans and future light levels in each space.

Proper lighting design should not be compromised in lighting renewals since the design process is a more complex task than just choosing the right watts and lumens. By designing the optics of the luminaires, the designer determines how the light is distributed and how well it works in a given setting. In stores, for example, lighting is used to highlight the vertical surfaces of the products to make them stand out on the shelves.

Thanks to our long experience and expertise, we know a thing or two about the most functional lighting solutions in different settings. However, each case is unique and therefore, we work closely with our customers to find the most suitable solution. In most cases, we end up with a customised lighting solution that combines the right optics, power, colours and controls.

Preparing the Calculations

On top of the lighting plan, we prepare calculations to help you with your decision and justify it further. The calculations include, for example, energy savings, environmental impact, payback period and LCC calculations. With the help of our transparent calculations, you can easily see how much the new solution costs, what the savings are and what kind of added value it brings to the business and property owners.

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Valteri School Ruskis

“It was great to have professionals design the lighting. The impacts are obvious; the new lighting improves comfort and safety, which is extremely important in our school. Now we can clearly see what we are doing and the children are safer moving around the school. On dark seasons, we also feel more energetic when there’s enough light.”

Helena Pekkarinen,
Services Supervisor, Valteri School Ruskis