Are you in need of lighting solution, lighting system or lighting maintenance?
Or all included in one contract?

Obtaining smart lighting is easy with us. We provide you with everything from solution to service – from lighting planning and product delivery to turnkey execution of a full lighting service, according to your exact needs.

As a leading supplier of all-inclusive LED lighting solutions in Finland, we have gained experience through executing hundreds of lighting solutions for different industries. Our satisfied customers and diverse references reflect our strong expertise.

The all-inclusive Lighting as service concept covers planning, installation and maintenance. The customer pays for Finnish high quality smart lighting on a monthly basis. The most energy-efficient lighting solution is always ensured with the latest technology. Let professionals take care of your lighting and focus on your own business activities without unnecessary worries.

Needs assessment

Our expert assesses your needs and creates a lighting plan accordingly. The assessment includes calculations on energy savings, and on the lifespan of the delivered system with a thorough overview on lighting control possibilities suitable for your premises.

  • Lighting planning
  • Energy saving calculations
  • Lighting control options

Order, delivery, installation

When you have accepted the demonstrated solution, you decide on the installation schedule and place an order. Our professional installation team completes lighting installation, and connects lighting controls at the agreed time. We also provide guidance in issues related to lighting commissioning.

  • Installation schedule
  • Installation team
  • Guidance

Stay connected

High quality lighting solution can be realised based on monthly charge without initial investment. Savings start to accumulate already with the first invoice for electricity. The savings from energy and maintenance costs indicate soon the benefits of the executed lighting project. We will also manage the functionality of your lighting throughout the whole contract period.

  • Lighting with monthly payment
  • Complete lighting maintenance during the contract period
  • Carefree lighting – focus on you own business activities