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Turnkey Lighting

Greenled delivers lighting solutions as a turnkey service including design, installation and commissioning. From the buyer’s point of view, purchasing turnkey lighting is easy and effortless since none of your own resources are spent on project management. Instead, you can rely on our experts to deliver a high-quality lighting solution customised to your needs.

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The Benefits of Turnkey Lighting

Traditionally, purchasing lighting solutions is not the simplest of all processes, as there are many phases, many actors and a lot of effort involved. Typically, lighting renewal projects involve a design agency, a lighting supplier, a wholesale business, a contractor and the client’s own project management.

From the buyer’s point of view, turnkey lighting has many benefits:

  • Instead of several contacts, the customer only has one person and one company to deal with
  • One company bears full responsibility for the whole project
  • Responsibilities are not scattered among several different actors
  • The customer saves time and money for not having to buy each part of the process separately

The Components of Turnkey Lighting

Our turnkey lighting is a complete service including:

In addition to the previous, the customer can choose to include lighting maintenance to their service agreement.

Outotec Turula

“Greenled’s expertise made our life a lot easier. As a purchaser, we didn’t have to use much of our own time to manage the project, which could have easily led to delays or errors. All of the calculations and contracts were really transparent, the luminaires were delivered as agreed and commissioned as agreed. Rarely have I come across projects that run this smooth.”

Marko Hyvärinen,
Production Development Manager, Outotec Turula

Lighting Investment or Rental Agreement?

Lighting renewals are typically handled as investments in companies. However, investing in fixed assets and straining the balance sheet isn’t the only, and often not the most profitable option. Investment decisions tend to be difficult and company capital is sometimes seen better invested elsewhere. However, instead of postponing the lighting renewal, companies should consider the option of renting the luminaires.

With renting, none of the company capital is spent on the lighting renewal. Moreover, you’ll gain the energy savings of modern led technology and enjoy all the other benefits of the new lighting solution.

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Lighting as a Service

Would you prefer to free up all of your resources from lighting maintenance? Our Lighting as a Service concept includes continuous lighting maintenance and remote monitoring over the whole contract period.

In LaaS, Greenled remains responsible for your lighting solution. We will monitor the lighting for you, make sure everything works out as planned and guarantee a functional lighting system throughout the whole contract period.

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