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The OMEGA product family offers superior energy-efficiency combined with superb optics.
The structure of the product and ease of installation always ensure a cost-effective solution.

PURPOSE: Hospital, Industry, Office, Parking hall, School, Shop, Sports hall

INSTALLATION: Ceiling surface, Contact track, Luminaire suspension track, Suspended

Benefits and suitability


Luminaire with wide range of mechanical arrangements. Self-supporting between the MECH-rails. Wide range of different brackets for different mountings, joining parts and extensions provide cost-efficiency in implementation. Suitable for different purposes thanks to high-quality lenses and multiple power versions. Winsta or Enstonet systems enable easy connectivity and quick installation. A lighting solution that can be upgraded easily.


Versatile OMEGA product family has been designed to illuminate the stores, logistic premises, sports halls, offices and public premises. The OMEGA luminaires provide even and glare-free light.

Product families and variants

Product code Product family code Power Luminous flux Luminaire Efficacy Lifetime Operating temperature
OMEGA 43W GLO02043 43 W 6600 lm 153 lm/W L70F10>100000h; L80F10>100000h -20 - +45°C
OMEGA 47W GLO02047 47 W 6600 lm 140 lm/W L70F10>100000h; L80F10=91000h -20 - +40°C
OMEGA 57W GLO02057 57 W 8450 lm 148 lm/W L70F10>100000h; L80F10>100000h -20 - +45°C
OMEGA 63W GLO02063 63 W 8450 lm 134 lm/W L70F10>100000h; L80F10=81000h -20 - +40°C
OMEGA 62W GLO02062 62 W 10500 lm 169 lm/W L70F10>100000h; L80F10>100000h -20 - +45°C
OMEGA 69W GLO02069 69 W 10500 lm 152 lm/W L70F10>100000h; L80F10=94000h -20 - +40°C
OMEGA 79W GLO02079 79 W 11000 lm 139 lm/W L70F10>100000h; L80F10=86000h -20 - +45°C
OMEGA 100W GLO02100 100 W 16000 lm 160 lm/W L70F10>100000h; L80F10>100000h -20 - +45°C
OMEGA 113W GLO02113 113 W 16000 lm 142 lm/W L70F10>100000h; L80F10=90000h -20 - +40°C
OMEGA 119W GLO02119 119 W 18500 lm 155 lm/W L70F10>100000h; L80F10>100000h -20 - +45°C
OMEGA 137W GLO02137 137 W 18500 lm 135 lm/W L70F10>100000h; L80F10=88000h -20 - +40°C
OMEGA 149W GLO02149 149 W 22000 lm 148 lm/W L70F10>100000h; L80F10=86000h -20 - +45°C


Product code Product family code Length (L) Height (H) Width (W) Weight 
OMEGA 43W GLO02043 1204 mm 51 mm 88 mm 3,5 kg
OMEGA 47W GLO02047 1204 mm 51 mm 88 mm 3,5 kg
OMEGA 57W GLO02057 1204 mm 51 mm 88 mm 3,5 kg
OMEGA 63W GLO02063 1204 mm 51 mm 88 mm 3,5 kg
OMEGA 62W GLO02062 2370 mm 51 mm 88 mm 5,5 kg
OMEGA 69W GLO02069 2370 mm 51 mm 88 mm 5,5 kg
OMEGA 79W GLO02079 1204 mm 51 mm 88 mm 3,5 kg
OMEGA 100W GLO02100 2370 mm 51 mm 88 mm 5,5 kg
OMEGA 113W GLO02113 2370 mm 51 mm 88 mm 5,5 kg
OMEGA 119W GLO02119 2370 mm 51 mm 88 mm 5,5 kg
OMEGA 137W GLO02137 2370 mm 51 mm 88 mm 5,5 kg
OMEGA 149W GLO02149 2370 mm 51 mm 88 mm 5,5 kg

General Description

Colour Temperature: 3000 K, 4000 K, 5000 K
Colour Rendering Index: RA≥ 80, 90
Optic: Lense optics (batwing, narrow, medium, wide, oval, 90 Deg and asymmetric)
Light source shield: PMMA
IP class: IP 20
Supply voltage: 220-240 Vac
Frequency: 50-60Hz
PF: > 0.95
THD: < 20%

Chainable max 5*2.5mm2 OR max 3*2.5mm2 and DALI +/-

Dimmability: ON/OFF, DALI
Colour: Galvanized steel/White Steel
Material of the luminaire body: Steel
Guarantee: 5 years
Accessories (Installation):

Roof bracket, Lighting suspension rail bracket, Bracket for ball impact resistant installations on lighting suspension rails, Adjustable lighting suspension rail bracket, Adjustable roof bracket, Bracket for Horizontal Wire (max ⌀8 mm), Threaded rod bracket, Cover, Threaded rod bracket for cover, Lighting suspension rail bracket for cover, Rail bracket Dr= 3000mm-3600mm (2370mm); 2200mm-2400mm (1200mm), Joining part (screws included), Extension profile L=1200 mm and 2370 mm

Accessories (Others):

2*3m Wago Winsta / Enstonet cable set for chained connections, extended connections max 7*2.5mm2 or
max 5*2.5mm2 and DALI +/-.

Attachment and downloads

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