A low-glare panel luminaire for offices and public spaces. This remarkable optical solution guarantees low UGR values for application in various spaces. A streamlined design with particular attention paid to making it an inconspicuous source of light that blends into its surroundings. The frame is made of white-painted steel.


Benefits and suitability


LU Panel is designed for offices, classrooms and public spaces. Excellent for installation on T-profile ceilings. Cost-efficient installation enabled by chainable connections.



Energy-efficient, low-glare panel luminaire for T-profile ceilings.


Product families and variants

Model Type Code Power Luminous flux Luminaire Efficacy Lifetime Operating temperature
LU PANEL 595x595 GLLU010288X6060 28 W 3600 lm 129 lm/W L70B10,F10 >100000 h 0 - +40 °C
LU PANEL 295x1195 GLLU010288X3012 28 W 3600 lm 129 lm/W L70B10,F10 >100000 h 0 - +40 °C


Model Type Code Length (L) Height (H) Width (W) Weight 
LU PANEL 595x595 GLLU010288X6060 595 mm 38 mm 595 mm 2 kg
LU PANEL 295x1195 GLLU010288X3012 1195 mm 38 mm 295 mm 2 kg

General Description

Colour Temperature: 3000 K, 4000 K
Colour Rendering Index: RA≥ 80
Optic: 85*70 degrees
Light source shield: PC
IP class: IP20
Supply voltage: 220-240 Vac
Frequency: 50-60 Hz
PF: > 0.95
THD: < 20%

Connections to terminal block box with cable clamp max 5*1.5mm2 (supports chained connections).


Dimmability: ON/OFF, DALI
Colour: White
Material of the luminaire body: Steel
Guarantee: 5 years

Attachment and downloads

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