Alfa G2 represents pure Nordic design. The luminaire with indirect light distribution is perfect for offices and public premises. Miro® aluminium optics give an even/low surface luminance. Active + version is a self-learning luminaire that adjusts the light levels by itself, and is activated only when needed. Alfa G2 is available also as a tunable white version.

PURPOSE: Hospital, Office, School

INSTALLATION: Ceiling surface, Recessed

Benefits and suitability


Thanks to its indirect optical solution the glare values remain on low level. Human centric lighting needs are met with tunable white version. Active+ version provides the benefits of the smart and energy efficient lighting without any separate control system. Surface mounting version provides easy connectivity on surface installations and T-profile version fits to T-profile ceilings.


Alfa G2 illuminates the schools, hospitals, offices and other public premises. Assembly variants to T-profile ceilings and to surface installations.

Product families and variants

Model Type Code Power Luminous flux Luminaire Efficacy Lifetime Operating temperature
Alfa G2 GLA0239 39 W 4200 lm 108 lm/W L70F10>100 000 h; L80F10=95 000 h 0 - +50°C
Alfa G2 GLA0252 52 W 5200 lm 100 lm/W L70F10>100 000 h; L80F10=93 000 h 0 - +50°C
Alfa G2 GLA02TW 42 W 4200 lm 100 lm/W L70F10>100 000 h; L80F10=91 000 h 0 - +50°C


Model Type Code Length (L) Height (H) Width (W) Weight 
Alfa G2 GLA0239 595 mm 75 mm / 62mm 595 mm 7 kg / 5 kg
Alfa G2 GLA0252 595 mm 75 mm / 62mm 595 mm 7 kg / 5 kg
Alfa G2 GLA02TW 595 mm 75 mm / 62mm 595 mm 7 kg / 5 kg

General Description

Colour Temperature: 3000, 4000, 5000 K / TW 2700 K - 6500 K
Colour Rendering Index: RA≥ 80 / 90 (ei TW, no TW, kein TW, inte TW)
Optic: MIRO
Light source shield: PMMA
IP class: IP20
Supply voltage: 200-240 V
Frequency: 50-60 HZ
PF: 0,95
THD: < 15 %

Chainable max 5*2.5mm2 OR max 3*2.5mm2 and DALI +/-

Dimmability: ON/OFF, DALI (TW DT8 or DT6), ACTIVE+
Colour: White (RAL9016)
Material of the luminaire body: Aluminium, steel, PC-ABS
Guarantee: 5 years
Accessories (Others):


Attachment and downloads

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